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When to Disengage

Occasionally I get calls for gigs in my hometown of San Diego California.  I am occasionally out there due to a number of reasons, and if I am able to spend time there I usually do.  It’s a really beautiful town and I have many friends there.  So I go out whenever I can. I’ve […]

Myths of Productivity

A few years ago I posted a video that examined many of the lies that we are all taught to believe about time management, work ethic, etc.  Recently I reviewed this video and have decided to post it again here. It has some VERY valuable information in it for those of us who are constantly […]

Being Musically Generous

I was playing out of town recently, and after the gig the band members met in the lobby bar at our hotel. There was a band playing in the bar, but it was the last set of the night, and their energy was low. One of the hotel band members found out that members of […]

Change is Good….(I think)…

Yesterday I arrived in Europe, checked into my hotel, and began the process of trying to stay awake and get on the local time zone as fast as possible ….(today I happen to be in Bilbao Spain to do something with the Symphony for a week). Usually outside of the USA there isn’t much on […]

Myths of Multitasking

Over the last week or so I was in a position where I had too many things to do, or at least I felt like I did. Outside of doing 4 gigs with what were essentially different bands, and learning the music for all of this kind of last minute, I was also learning music for […]


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