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Monthly Archives: June 2016

When to Disengage

Occasionally I get calls for gigs in my hometown of San Diego California.  I am occasionally out there due to a number of reasons, and if I am able to spend time there I usually do.  It’s a really beautiful town and I have many friends there.  So I go out whenever I can. I’ve […]

Myths of Productivity

A few years ago I posted a video that examined many of the lies that we are all taught to believe about time management, work ethic, etc.  Recently I reviewed this video and have decided to post it again here. It has some VERY valuable information in it for those of us who are constantly […]

Being Musically Generous

I was playing out of town recently, and after the gig the band members met in the lobby bar at our hotel. There was a band playing in the bar, but it was the last set of the night, and their energy was low. One of the hotel band members found out that members of […]

Change is Good….(I think)…

Yesterday I arrived in Europe, checked into my hotel, and began the process of trying to stay awake and get on the local time zone as fast as possible ….(today I happen to be in Bilbao Spain to do something with the Symphony for a week). Usually outside of the USA there isn’t much on […]

Myths of Multitasking

Over the last week or so I was in a position where I had too many things to do, or at least I felt like I did. Outside of doing 4 gigs with what were essentially different bands, and learning the music for all of this kind of last minute, I was also learning music for […]

Creative Avoidance

The term “Creative Avoidance” has always intrigued me. Many of us indulge in creative avoidance without realizing how much we short change ourselves by doing so. However, there are times when we use this to our advantage, and it can be a very useful tool.  In order to know the difference between the positive version […]

Unconscious Musical Concept

What is a musical concept? Many of us don’t think about this question very often, and even if we do, it can be difficult to put into words. People often have different ideas of what makes up a concept. Often they will use musical terms such as, tempo, dynamics, etc. but this is not what […]

How to Become Unemployable

Im not an expert in much of anything, but I learned the hard way how NOT to get called back. I’ve learned a few things about what gets you hired, and what keeps you getting hired. These are things that are blatantly obvious to some, yet others seem to have not picked up on them. […]

Tools of Balance

So, you spend all of this time getting your playing together, doing tons of gigs, recording, touring, and everything else that comes with being a musician.  You are having fun and you get caught up being busy and making a living.  Playing music becomes a self fulfilling prophecy when you are positive about it.  It […]